EcoSpraybooth will redefine the auto body refinishing process

Traditional spray booths heat the full volume of air surrounding the vehicle, no matter how big or small the refinishing area is. This makes no sense for small repairs and is highly energy inefficient.

Awesome Features

State of the art technology makes refinish work easier, cheaper and faster. More that 60 sensor analyze different aspects of the work to optimize performance.


Move the booth instead of the vehicle. Working with a spray booth that is portable and is attached to the vehicle gives a versatility so far unknown in body workshops. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Energy savings

Imagine the energy savings achieved by heating and ventilating an area of a few cubic meters instead of 70 m³ plus of traditional booths. You will waste 10-30 times less energy.


Over 80% less waste materials, up to 10x lower energy consumption than traditional spray booths, no CO2 or VOC emissions. Environment friendly.

Batteries-Electric Cars

Traditional paint booths and ovens raise the entire vehicle temperature with a high risk of damage to the batteries, reducing the battery life span. EcoSprayBooth does not affect battery performance since it only heats the refinish area.

EcoSprayBooth portable, intelligent and ecologic

It is designed from the ground up to benefit the painter, the workshop and the environment.

Extra features, all included

EcoSprayBooth is backed by the latest technologies to help the operator and make his work more efficient.

Online connection

We provide online connection to our service department as a standard. The machine is connected with our technical department (IOT) informing of wear or deterioration of the elements. That allows us to make a preventive maintenance lowering the service stop times.

Touch control panel

Throughout the refinishing process, the operator controls the different work stages with an easy to use touch control panel. He can see all the relevant related info to help him optimize his work.

Mobile app

The operator can view the working values of the machine from his mobile device. He can work on another vehicle while the cabin is drying and be informed at all times of the ongoing processes.

It's not just the technology, it's how you use it!

We are a multidisciplinary team with decades of joint experience in different sectors. Auto refinishing work, Industrial automatization, machine to machine communications and aftersale services are not new for us.

Multi Capability

Well aware of the challenges and difficulties that auto body shop operators and managers face in their day-to-day work, the team works to offer solutions that help to increase efficiency with an environmental friendly approach.

R&D is in our DNA. After years of tests and investigation, we are ready to change the auto body refinishing world.

Our values

  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Passion
  • Do more with less

Impossible today, achievable tomorrow

Our Process

Lots of ideas, hours, nuts and bolts, calculations, drawings, tests and more tests, successes, failures, lines of code, meetings before we finally got to the right product.













Some figures

Kg of CO2 saved (only in our tests)
Auto body shops worked with
Tests completed
Kg of activated carbon tested

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